What is a shadow? by Kyle Macrodot

Categories: The Abyss

Most people are unaware of a term called “Shadows”. These shadows haunt them unknowingly and unforgivingly for the majority of their lives. A shadow is the dark ego that you tie down and strangle within you. It is the part of you that you hide. It is a part of you that you can’t unleash. It is everything you hate, everything you despise. It is everything you wish you weren’t. It is everything you wish you will never become. It is your fear. It is your devil on your shoulder. It is your pain. It is your sorrow. It is your tears. You wish it would go away. It makes you scream inside. It places you in denial. It causes you to lie. It is everything that you think is wrong with this world yet you wish you could just let it go. You wish you could just hide. Some people voice these feelings while others trap them within. The ones who voice their shadows release them and pass them around the world like they were some kind of twisted hot potato. These people fight. These people over indulge. These people hurt themselves. These people hurt others. These people manipulate. These people destroy. These people are so de-tuned with the balance of life and they are so out of touch with the universe that they feel obligated to start wars. They start wars with their neighbors. They start wars with their friends. They start wars with their family. They start wars with their fellow human beings. They start wars on the homeless. They start wars on the hungry. They start wars on drugs. They start wars against religions. They start wars against wars. The ones who aren’t physically starting the wars are the ones who let their shadows build up inside and grow for so long that one day they just pop and they unleash all this pent up negative energy at once. They unleash it on their leaders. They unleash it on their bosses. They unleash it on their drive to work. They unleash it in their homes. They unleash it on their friends. They unleash it on themselves. But what these people really don’t understand about all this pain and all this suffering is that these egos and these shadows are nothing more than a reflection of you.

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