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I love to follow all kinds of esoteric stuff. One item I’m particularly intrigued by are the Mayan Kins particularly from So according to Mayan astrology I am a Yellow Electric Seed which is called Kin 224. There are about 260 kins in the world so it’s somewhat rare to find people that match up on your chart. So, I decided to make this post to see if anyone Googling my Kin would be able to find me. So if you are looking to meet a Yellow Seed or more specifically a Yellow Electric Seed then hit me up on Facebook. Otherwise, here is a description of the “souls” I supposedly get along with… If you are any of these, feel free to message me as well. I find this and alot of other things like this very interesting and if you found this page through Google then chances are I assume you do to… The four Kins below are my complements. I haven’t quite figured out what the G-force means yet but maybe I will update this post when I do.

Earth Family Members: White Wizard, Red Moon, Blue Storm, Yellow Seed

Subconscious (bottom): Red Spectral Earth Kin 37
Occult Power is your hidden gift. They are good teachers. Their energy is opposite yet complementing in a mysterious way. Trust is the key. Your perfect guide is found when the two kin numbers equal 261. (261-224=37)

Antipode (left) ie. Gift & Challenge: White Electric Wizard Kin 94
Antipode is a challenge power which counterbalances and strengthens (as in DNA reconstruction). Your Challenge or Antipode is your mirror to your inner world. They can serve as teachers who remind us to make good choices. If they are the same tone, they are your perfect antipode.

Guiding Power (top): Yellow Electric Star Kin 68
Guiding Power is an overseeing and directing energy providing protection, clarity and guidance. Your Guiding Power is the same color with your sign and you share similar energy.

Analog Complement (right): Blue Electric Eagle Kin 55
Analog is a supportive, nurturing and like-minded power. Planetary partners. People of this tribe are allies. If they are the same tone, they are your perfect analog.

G-Force: White Planetary Mirror

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