Lightning in a Bottle Festival

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So……. the best place in the world to be ever in the history of all that is heavenly… the “Lightning in a Bottle” festival in Irvine, CA on memorial weekend. The art was in every little nook and cranny and was fantastic. Everyone was smiling and everyone was friendly. The music was great. There was not a single act nor DJ I couldn’t at least enjoy for 10 minutes. The campgrounds were clean. The bathrooms were clean. There was Yoga. There were circles of people playing instruments and jamming at every turn. There were people DJ’ing at their camp spots. The sound systems was perfect; not too loud, not too soft. You could walk around with your own beer but even if you chose to buy beer it was good beer (not that piss water crap) and it was cheap. There was amazing food, organic fruit and veggies, smoothies, juice bars, etc… There were little general stores that had everything. It was like a small city full of wonder. Every festival should model their festival after this one. This was heaven. I want to live there… I took some video, here is a few clips from 2011.

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